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A compact carry on for traveling

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Guest post written by Brent Crowder

The past few times that I’ve travelled, I’ve actually been made to check my rolling carry on suitcase. It really does fit into the overhead compartments on planes, but I guess there’s just something about it that makes it look like it’s too big for that and I’m trying to sneak it past airport security.

So I guess that it’s time I just accept that and buy a new bag for that because in the long run I think I’d save money by doing that instead of paying fees to check it. With that thinking, I went online to see if I could find something about bags that look especially small even though they still have tons of room and when I was doing that I happened across some http://www.satelliteinternetbroadband.com/. They piqued my curiosity, so I read about them and decided to sign up for one of them for my home internet service.

After I did that I did find some good recommendations for a compact carry on and decided to just order it and have it shipped to my house. I guess the shape of it is a little slimmer, but it does hold the same amount as my last one.