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A travel kit for your trip

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Recently I travelled to Southeast Asia on a holiday. Trip took more than 16 hours and by the time I got there, I was suffering from hemorrhoid. It took some effort on our part to find a pharmacy to buy some relief. I was thinking, if I packed some basic medications in addition to my prescriptions, I would have save some time. Here are my suggestions based on my recent experience.

Talk to your physician about your travel. If you are travelling to a destination known for mosquitos, your physician may give you malaria shot before you leave. Also check with your physician to see whether some over the counter medications counteract with your other prescribed medications. You need to pack some antidiarrheal medicine, a decongestant, something for motion sickness and melatonin to help you recover faster from your jet lag, and some pain killers.

Make sure you carry a small first aid kit. Pre-packaged kits are available at any drug store. Your kit should include bandages, disposable gloves, and gauze. Also to carry with this kit are your nail clippers, tweezers and a small travelling flashlight. You can’t carry some of these items in your hand luggage.