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Absolute essentials for the regular traveler

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A businesswoman asleep on a flight
A businesswoman asleep on a flight

Written by Costbuys

Regular long-distance travel used to be a painful and boring affair. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology it need not be. Here is a list of must-have items for anyone who travels often:

Battery pack

Our smartphones are our primary source of entertainment when traveling. In that sense a good battery pack is essential. The larger the better. Since modern laptops use the USB-C port to charge, a battery pack can charge a smartphone as well as a laptop. Some modern luggage brands have built-in battery packs with USB outlets to charge devices as you wait in the airport. Any online shopping portal will have an array of battery packs to choose from.

Eye mask

Good sleep is essential and if you are someone who struggles to fall asleep during a flight a good eye mask and ear plugs could make all the difference. The ear plugs will ensure that airplane and passenger noises will not be a disturbance. A good eye mask will ensure proper darkness for deep and restful sleep.


There is nothing worse than carrying a large and heavy laptop around, especially when traveling. Now ultraportables have enough power and are durable enough for the regular traveler. With the best online shopping deals, pick one up for the cost of a regular laptop.

Bluetooth headphones

Long flights and long stays in airports will be bearable once there is some entertainment. A good pair of wireless headphones will allow you to listen to music or watch movies while you wait and not have to worry about the hassle of wires.


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