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Airport security is a major inconvenience to travelers

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The busiest travel period of the year is upon us.  More and more people travel by air during holidays whether it is for pleasure or to see family and relatives.  In response to attacks on U.S. soil on 9/11, the government created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  More than a decade later, the TSA has been a concern of the travelling public.

The critics say odds are someone dying from a terrorist attack on a U.S. commercial airplane is one in 25 million.  Compare this to one in 98 odds of someone dying from a motor vehicle accident.  So, many ask why the U.S. government spent more than $8 billion a year to operate the TSA?  Additionally, the TSA has not found any major weapons or explosives that travelers attempted to get on a plane or a terrorist trying to get on board.  So, is it worth the inconvenience caused by the TSA to the traveling public at airports?  The answer is sounding “No”.

The TSA should evaluate its effectiveness on the travelling public.  Travelers should put pressure on legislators to address the inconvenience caused by security checks at airports.  Money spent on TSA may be spent somewhere else in this difficult economic times.