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Best places for art appreciation on the San Juan Islands

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If you are a patron of fine arts such as painting and sculpture, the San Juan Islands have an established art scene and multiple establishments dedicated to promoting art and creativity. Here are some art-related attractions you might enjoy on your next visit.

San Juan Islands Museum of Art

The islands’ premier art museum features showcases of local artists’ work, as well as rotating special exhibitions. It’s a good way to become familiar with the influences and ideas that shape local culture and how they inspire the islands’ artists to create unique works of art.

San Juan Islands Sculpture Park

The San Juan Islands Sculpture Park is a combination of a relaxing nature walk and an outdoor gallery of the most curious and well-crafted sculptures from an eclectic mix of artists. From abstract towers to human and animal forms captured in motion, you’ll find many photo-worthy sculptures to observe and admire.

Alchemy Art Center

If you’re in the mood to create some art of your own, Alchemy Art Center provides a space for artists to pursue their creative urges both through sculpture and painting. You can also check their calendar for a list of upcoming events since you never know when an art exhibit or performance is being hosted there.

Whether you’re visiting the San Juan Islands for art, nature, or dining, be sure you have a comfortable place to rest at the end of the day. Visit San Juan PM for a list of high-quality, affordable Friday Harbor accommodations in the islands’ central hub of activity.