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Fabulous Backpacking Trips

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Backpacking has always been a popular style of vacationing. It keeps things exciting and cheap, which can be very seductive characteristics in these tough financial times. At the point you decide that backpacking is your best and cheapest option to get away from it all for a while, the hardest part then becomes your destination. Backpacking will always be cheap, but airfare is not.

It will not always be the first place nominated, but Thailand is a wonderful option. Why? Everything is cheap there. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility and the prices are always right. Great year-round weather, beaches, historic temples, amazing and healthy cuisine, and elephant rides. That is just a small sample of the numerous offerings Thailand has to offer you.

Not always the cheapest, but far from the most expensive is London. With close to eight million people living there and arguably the best public transportation system, you will never be alone or without a ride. The sights are impeccable and the city is rich in everything. You will run out of time before you run out of things to see and do in London.

Since you are in London, trot over to Barcelona. Timeless architecture and a wonderful combination of cultures make it a fantastic destination for any backpacker. With splendid shopping options and a beautiful beach within walking distance at any point in the city, you will struggle to find yourself bored.

Make your trip fun, not regrettable with these cheap, fun and outstanding backpacking locations.

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