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Food secrets you need to know on cruise liners

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You need to go beyond the brochures and daily newsletters explaining your onboard cruise food experiences. When it comes to food they offer a wide variety and options you can get. Knowing their secrets before going onboard definitely help to improve your cruise experience.

On the first night onboard, it is customary for all cruise liners to offer a buffet at the main dining room. Many opt for this to get a good orientation for food options you can expect during your cruise and wait on lines. However, Celebrity Cruises and many others offer discounts at other restaurants onboard on the first night. Look for alternative mini-buffet open at other smaller venues such as the atrium or the solarium. Also it will be easier to get into other restaurants on that day. Those who are dining at the Steakhouse on Carnival Cruise on the first night of cruise get a bottle of wine free.

Food offerings onboard at the main dining room are not limited to one appetizer, entrée and dessert. You can order as many as you want and combine any way you like. If you like you can get main entrée in appetizer-sized portion too. This is a great way to taste many food offerings.