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Fruity Treats at the Angelina Tearoom

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Anyone visiting Paris should visit the Angelina Tearoom at least once. If you’re among those that prefer fruits in their desserts, you may have already been put off by the fact that Angelina’s most popular fares are their African hot chocolate and their chestnut-cream Mont-Blanc. But don’t be discouraged by that. Angelina has much to offer people like you who love fruits and tarts.

Tea is a must at the tearoom and, for the dessert fare you’re having, your best choice would be the Thé Mélange Angelina. This Chinese Oolong is accompanied by the exotic fruit flavors of apricot, mango, sweet orange, and pineapple and scented by petals of marigold and safflower.

For your pastry, you’ll likely enjoy the Tarte Citron. This sweet pastry is made of cream that’s smooth and lemony, and topped by candied lemon. If that’s too tart for you, opt for the Demoiselle Tatin, which is made of fresh caramelized apples spiced with cinnamon, mace, and cubeb pepper. It sits on a crisp crumble and is topped with vanilla ganache.

The Merveille Nougat-Fruits des Bois is also an excellent choice. Under it’s beautifully crafted and exquisitely textured meringue casing is a surprising blackberry and blackcurrant jelly balanced out by light nougat mouse and whipped cream.

Lastly, choose your favored combination of sorbet flavors. The Angelina Tearoom offers lemon, raspberry, pear, mango, and strawberry. You can’t go wrong with any other them and they’ll surely give you the perfect ending to your Angelina experience.