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Getting Through a Long Flight

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Although air travel is more commonplace now, the speeds with which we reach destinations have not changed by much. This does not matter for first or second time fliers, but for regular travelers air travel soon becomes a bore. Cramped seating, unchanging scenery, not-very-exciting food etc, are all hallmarks of any flight. But by doing a few simple things, you can make a boring long flight more bearable.

Killing time – Bring a book or two along, to keep you occupied. Pocketbooks are better suited for this purpose. Don’t read for long periods at a stretch, as the lighting in the plane is not the best for reading. Break the reading with short naps and by listening to some music with your eyes closed. Carrying a small MP3 player with you will ensure that you have all the music that you like. You could also carry a PSP or similar gaming device as well.

Move around – Sitting in one place for a long time can cramp you up and affect your blood flow. Every two hours or so, get up and walk around. Spend a few minutes walking up and down the aisle; if possible do some light stretching. Yes this can earn you a few quizzical looks, but you should ignore them in the interests of your health. You should also try to get seating near the exit doors. These seats have more leg room than the others and are usually reserved for disabled persons. At the time of check-in, inquire from the staff as to their availability and take them if they are not required for any disabled persons.

Don’t dry up – Dehydration is an unseen assailant. Go easy on the alcohol or drop it if you can. Drink lots of water or juice to keep you hydrated.

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