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Good Health Tips on How to Travel Safe

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While travelling overseas, it is important you are in the best of health. It is that much easier to get sick when in new surroundings, since your body isn’t familiar with the change in food and environment. A few things to keep in mind:

– Medical card – always carry one with, stating personal medical history. This could be useful in case of an accident. It can be a lifesaver.
– Vaccinations – specific vaccinations are required for different countries around the world by public health services. Do the necessary research and get the required vaccinations and stay safe.
– Water – in countries where local drinking water cannot be trusted, it is important that you always drink purified water and carbonated drinks.
– Insect repellent – always wear insect repellent when travelling in tropical countries. Keep a bottle close at hand.
– Food – Eat only fruit and vegetable raw if they can be peeled. Try to avoid beef and pork and avoid ice cream.
– Time zones – when crossing one more time zones plenty of rest is strongly recommended. Drinking a glass of water hourly when travelling will help alleviate jet lag. Stretch legs and stand occasionally if possible.
– Travel medical equipment – this is vital. It should contain medication for diarrhoea, motion sickness, respiratory infections; antacids, sleeping pills, aspirin, pain killers and water purification tablets.
– Travel insurance – make sure your travel insurance comes with a good health cover, and that it covers all activities you plan on trying out during your vacation. E.g. skiing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc.

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