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How to Budget Accordingly for an International Rental Car

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Summary: Renting a car internationally requires an immense amount of planning and a reserve of cash to fall back on.

There’s nothing like taking off to a new country in search of adventure. The independence that surrounds it forges new memories, friends, and eye-opening experiences. Having your own rental car to explore certainly beats the confines of the public transportation system or the rigors of walking from one destination to the next. Unfortunately, car rentals in Jordan or any other international country isn’t as easy as it often entails. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Always Book in Advance

The first, and most important, step is booking well before the start of your trip – at the minimum, try and book 2 weeks prior to your travel date. Not only is it cheaper, but you may have the option to negotiation any potential obstacles and get the exact vehicle model that you want.

Moreover, you’re less likely to run into any hidden clauses in the contract or shifting rates when you arrive. If you made your reservation online from Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC or any other rental company, be sure to call the pickup location of the agency prior to your departure to confirm that your vehicle will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Conserve Cash for Fuel

It may be hard to believe how volatile gas prices are around the world. With high fees in countries like Europe for example, expect to pay a hefty share if you’re planning to drive around a lot. It’s important to determine how much you will need to budget for a fuel during your vacation. If you have an itinerary already set up, you can easily get a rough estimate of the total amount you need for your entire stay. Doing this can help you budget accordingly so you don’t end up throwing away money and getting hit with high gas prices.