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Kayaking safety tips

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Before you plan out that next trip to go Washington Sea kayaking, take a look at these important safety tips:

Take a course if you haven’t already – Before you go Kayaking in the open water, take an on-water course either in safety or skill development. It is not enough to know how to Kayak; you need to know the proper techniques to paddle safely.

Always wear your lifejacket – If it is one thing that an experienced kayaker will say is that you should always expect to capsize at one point or another. When you consistently wear your jacket, even during calm water, you build the habit to ensure safety during other times.

Be extra careful in cold water – Cold water kayaking is far more dangerous and requires extra-special care.

Learn how to paddle with others – Chances are that you won’t be the only paddler in the water. Learn how to interact with and share waterways with other kayakers, both for your safety and theirs.

Create a checklist – Make an exhaustive checklist of everything you need to tick off before you hit the water and you will avoid the majority of safety issues.

Think about your limits – Before you follow someone or do something you haven’t done before, always think about your present limits and how your actions might affect your safety.

These are just a few examples of how a paddler should think about safety and best practices. Go with an organization like Crystal Seas and learn everything you need to know about safety before you hit the water.