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Places to See in Tokyo, Japan

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Every time people hear about Tokyo, Japan, there is one thing that first comes into their minds – a very modern city with a very high cost of living. But contrary to the thinking of many, Tokyo is one of the most affordable cities you will ever find in the world. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and cafes which serve food as cheap as buying drinks. Aside from that, most of its attractions are free, and you can stroll freely to see the beauty of the city. At first glance, you can see the main city filled with thousands of people walking on the streets, a traffic jam in almost every road, and the hundreds of skyscrapers with colorful lights at night.

But if you walk further to the suburbs of the city, you will find Tokyo’s hidden treasure – the wooden houses, the temples and shrines which are all but sights which preserve the beauty of Tokyo. The first thing that should be on your list when visiting Tokyo is the Tokyo Tower in Shiba-Koen. This magnificent building, erected in 1958 is higher that the Eiffel Tower. On the top of the building which boasts of its 164 floodlights which are incandescent white during summer and orange during winter, are stations where you can take a glimpse of the whole of Tokyo, as well as the Mount Fuji. Aside from that, you can also enjoy different places inside the tower once you visit the Trick Art Gallery, the Mysterious Walking Zone and the Tokyo Tower Wax Museum.

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