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Planning ‘The’ Holiday Party

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Planning a holiday party is a creative exercise, requiring a lot of organization on your part. Like any event, this holiday party can be as lavish or as simple as you wish it to be. Having it at home however, can be easier on your purse. A holiday party at home can be stressful, but adds a warm and cozy feeling to it. Keep these in mind when planning your holiday party:

” Take the size of your house into account when deciding on your guest list
” Invite everyone personally
” Make provisions for parking
” Choose finger food carefully and those that complement each other
” Choose items you can make in advance, to ensure lower levels of stress on the day of the party
” Decorate your house to create a festive atmosphere
” Choose your music well.
” Remove all the chairs from the party area, giving people more room to mingle.
” Make one specialty cocktail for the party.
” Have a backup plan for those unable to drive home

If you’d rather throw your holiday party at a restaurant, so be it.
” Check if the restaurant is already decorated. If during the festive season, chances are it will be.
” Make sure the restaurant is licensed to serve liquor. Decide on what kind of alcohol will be served, depending on your budget.
” Make sure the restaurant has ample parking for your guests.
” Choose a menu that is within your budget, and one that your guests will enjoy.

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