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Rentals and Commercial Property: What Makes Cayman a Valuable Addition to Your Portfolio

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Summary: Property in Cayman Islands continues to increase in value, year over year.

The Cayman Islands have long been considered an excellent opportunity for investment. The island chains have experienced steady growth thanks to a thriving International banking system, and it’s a vacation destination that never seems to lose its luster. For the money, Cayman Islands commercial rentals are an excellent bargain for smart investors.

Investments are Cost-Effective

Like any offshore investment, you stand to gain on the issue of taxation. However, Cayman offers a 7.5% duty fee at the time of sale and that’s it! Every dollar of income you make from the property is free from capital gains taxes that might reduce the value of your investment. This makes properties a cost-effective long term holding, especially considering the island’s popularity as a tourist destination.

Property is Affordable and the Land Attracts Visitors

Waterfront properties in Grand Cayman tend to hold value for many years. The island doesn’t have much of a flip economy, taking almost a full year to sell property there in most cases. Still, ample rental opportunities exist for those who choose to invest in their properties. Desirable land and attractive landscaping tend to attract ex-pats who arrive for business or pleasure. They seek Cayman Islands condo rentals for short-term stays under a six month time period.

Property Can be Passed-On

Except for the 7.5% duty due at the time of sale, Cayman property is basically free from fees. That makes it an attractive investment for those looking to leave something for their kids. Kids will be able to use Cayman homes as vacation rentals to earn extra income, or they can choose to move their well after the property has been paid for.

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