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Safety Tips for Ladies

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Travelling alone can be daunting enough without having to worry about valuables and security. Yet, this is a reality that every lone traveler has to face. For women, especially, security is of paramount importance. There are a few simple steps that can help towards this factor.

Always pick a hotel that is situated in a bustling neighborhood. If there are lots of restaurants, night clubs, late night stores etc it is better, because there will always be people around. Picking a smaller hotel in this area is also a good idea. The staff will get to know you better and will be more alert to strangers hanging around the premises.

Don’t take a room that you are not comfortable with. Try to keep away from those that are close to the emergency exit and pick one that is closer to the elevator. Even if you have just come off of a long and grueling flight, do not settle for any room. Make the extra effort to find the right room.
Exploring cities can be fun and getting lost also has a bit of to it. However, you should always carry a map with you. Run through the map before hand and familiarize yourself with certain key landmarks and their proximities to each other and your hotel.

Lock up all your valuables in the hotel safe. You should also split up your cash; put some in your handbag, wallet, secret compartment in your luggage, etc. This will minimize your loss in case one of them is stolen.

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