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Space travels anyone?

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In New Mexico’s Jordana Del Muerto Desert, the Virgin Galactic is slowly getting ready to take you to the space in the near future. You will most probably travel in their SpaceShipTwo which is capable of taking six passengers and the two member crew to the space. The trip totaling four days including preparation time will set you back approximately $200,000 or you may be able to rent the entire space ship for about $1 million. So far, almost 500 people have made reservations.
The Virgin Galactic has established a space port near White Sands Missile Base in Engle, New Mexico. It is also planning to build a luxury hotel to house you when you arrive for your space trip.

Three days out of your planned four days will be for training. They will walk you through your physical checkup to emergency drills, weightless training and suiting up with a space suit.

The SpaceShipTwo will take off horizontally and at 50,000 feet the WhiteKnightTwo will release the ship which will start its own rocket and gradually travel at 2,500 mph exiting the earth’s atmosphere. You will be reaching the immense blackness approximately at 80,000 feet above the earth and will glide back to earth landing horizontally.