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The Best Places to Watch Soccer around the World

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Written by Soccer Garage

Soccer is loved around the world. Sure, the game can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home on television, but if you’re a serious fan, there’s nothing like watching a live game at a great soccer stadium. The energy, excitement, and passion of thousands of people gathered in one place to support and cheer their favorite teams is an exhilarating experience that can’t be compared to any other live event. But you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate this live experience. Tourists who venture to popular European countries can consider watching a live game as a great way to experience the country’s passion for the game.

So where is the best place to watch a live soccer game? There are many renowned soccer stadiums around the world that offer the perfect setting for watching this beloved international sport. Some even have unique features you won’t find at just any soccer stadium. Here’s a list of our favorite soccer stadiums around the world.

Stamford Bridge, London

You can’t be a true Chelsea fan if don’t attend a game at Stamford Bridge in London England. This stylish stadium, home to the Chelsea Football Club, fits about 42,000 people and offers a great atmosphere to watch the live game. Guests can also enjoy the area’s many bars, restaurants, and two hotels nearby. When you’re done watching the game, don’t forget to visit the two-story megastore featuring soccer clothing, gear, and souvenirs. It’s been around since 1904.

Estacio Vasco da Gama, Brazil

Are you a fan of Vasco? It’s time to visit Brazil! Located in Rio de Janeiro, Estadio Vasco da Gama is where Rio de Janeiro’s Vasca da Gama soccer club practices and plays “the beautiful game.” With room for 40,000 fans, this unique venue has team benches and coaching areas located behind the goal line at the same end of the stadium. Other features that set this stadium apart from most include an onsite chapel, a trophy room, and an Aquatic park.

Allianz Arena, Germany

While many of our favorite soccer stadiums have been around for nearly a century, this one was recently built for the 2006 World Cup. Located in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Allianz Arena is the home ground for both FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich. It features a unique outer covering of inflated ETFE plastic panels which changes colors. This unique venue seats about 70,000 fans and features three day-care centers, a fan shops, and a megastore offering soccer t-shirts, gear, and souvenirs.
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