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There’s No Adventure like Alaska

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With so many options for your next pick, it can be difficult to choose where to go next. Everyone has friends who will recommend the typical choices: Las Vegas, the Caribbean, somewhere overseas, etc. While these choices are just fine, there’s a far better one out to the northwest that most never consider. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, you can’t go wrong checking out Alaska.

Consider, for example, taking a trip to Wrangell, Alaska. The quiet town has plenty going on if you’re up for an adventure. Check out the Stikine River where you can enjoy some of the best kayaking in the entire region (that’s saying something).

Or maybe you’d like to sit back and relax. Well, you won’t be disappointed by the views. You can take a whale watching expedition where the captain will bring you up close and personal to these gentle giants. If you enjoy being a part of the action, you can even kayak alongside them. Talk about an experience you’ll never forget.

That’s not the only wildlife Alaska has to offer though. The state is legendary for its brown bears and you can take trips that will bring you close—but not too close—to these majestic creatures.

When you want a trip you’ll be talking about for years, head to Alaska for the kind of vacation that will never leave you.