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Three point checklist on how to choose an RV mattress

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Written by The Foam Factory

Buying a mattress for your RV can be a difficult choice. If you buy an incorrectly sized mattress, the chances are that you will not be able to fold your mattress away, leaving your RV space unusable. Here are a few areas to look into when choosing an RV mattress.

What RV mattress size do you need – Some RV’s are fitted with standard RV sized beds, and therefore you can visit a mattress store that specializes in RV bedding and buy a mattress from the store. However, if you have an RV that has a custom made bed, you will have to take your RV to the store for a professional to measure your bedding.

What should be the cut style? – Some RV mattresses are rounded, square or have one or two cut corners. Therefore, note down these details to ensure that your mattress fits snugly into the frame. If you are investing in RV cushions, you could maintain the same shape, for a uniformed look.

Where does it go? – It is important to let the sales person know where your camper goes. For example, is it a pop-up camper, an overhead cab, or a small space? Most often thinner mattresses save space, but if you have the space invest in a thicker mattress for more comfort. For extra luxury invest in memory foam mattresses and camper cushions.


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