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Top 10 of World’s Terrifying Places

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Most people revel in scary things and find it fascinating. If you are one of those people, here is the top ten list of the world’s most terrifying places that you must visit:

1. Museum of Anatomopathology, Austria, Vienna
Also known as the Tower of the Stupid, it is located in the isolation ward of a former lunatic asylum. Representing a real monument to harsh medieval medicine and abnormalities, even the most cynical tourist agrees that this place has a chilling atmosphere.

2. The Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic
The plague left many cemeteries overfilled, and people were forced to dig out bones and arrange improvised depositories. The Czech ossuary is a special depository of sorts. Its greatest impression is produced by its walls made of stacked up human skulls.

3. Paris Catacombs, France
While seemingly a common tourist path, only a small part of it is open for excursions. It is patrolled day and night, and the country spends considerable funds to maintain a special police service, even though it contains nothing of value. Tales are far and wide about ghosts, monsters and blind lunatics who have not seen the light of day for several generations.

4. Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Oswiecim, Poland
Created on the former concentration camp of Oswiecim, where more than 4 million people died, you enter through the famous gateway shot in almost every war movie. The museum exhibits include brick blocks and things taken away by the fascists.

5. Museum of Torture, Mdina, Malta
Containing a huge collection of guillotines, tongs for pulling out nails and other torture instruments, this museum also has extremely naturalistic wax figures used to demonstrate the use of the torture devices.

6. The Winchester Mystery House. San Hose, California
Built by Sarah Winchester, the heiress of an armourer who went crazy due to a terrible prophecy, the house was built to house the souls of every person killed by her father’s rifles. The house is considered to be full of ghosts and other evil forces.

7. Dracula’s Castle. Transilvania, Romania
Situated on the edge of an abyss, you can even walk into the room where on the big bed with a canopy, Count Dracula used to suck his victims’ blood. The castle was also inhabited by Vlad the Impaler, considered to be one of the most monstrous personalities of the Middle Ages.

8. Gulag, Russia
During its twenty years of existence, millions of people have passed through Gulag, whose camps were known for violation of elementary human rights and drastic punishments. Starvation, disease, death and exhausting labour were extremely high. Even today you can see deserted barracks, tunnels, punishment cells, prisoner’s clothes and shaved hair.

9. Museum of Execution Instruments, Paris, Fountaine de Vaucluse
Its founder previously worked as an executioner for over a decade. The museum has execution instruments from all nations and covers all times.

10. The Valley of Death, Tibet
Full of bones, yogis are known to come here to die. Others travel to the Valley of Death to find purification, obtain secret knowledge. Interestingly, very few come back in their original mental state. The belief is that in the Valley of Death, the human soul undergoes a ‘special’ trial.

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