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Top Places to Watch the World Cup in Los Angeles

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Written by Soccer Garage

At Soccer Garage, we’re passionate about our favorite sport – soccer! So when the World Cup comes around, we can’t help but get excited about the best places to watch the games. Fortunately, Pinterest has made it easy for us by publishing a list of the best places around the world to watch the World Cup. The site has partnered with TripAdvisor, ESPN, and Conde Nast Traveler for a comprehensive guide that features bars, restaurants, and establishments around the world. It’s worth checking out, especially if you will be travelling during the games.

But if you live in L.A., we’ve got something special for you. Here, in no particular order, are three of our favorite places to watch the World Cup in Los Angeles.

Red Lion Tavern, Los Angeles

The oldest German bar and restaurant in L.A., Red Lion Tavern is a unique establishment featuring three levels of cozy rooms to eat, drink, and watch the World Cup, including a large outdoor patio with a bar. Serving authentic German good and beer, this great bar is one of our favorite places to dine and watch live soccer. Meals are hardy and the décor is dark, a fantastic place to get lost and enjoy the game. One of our favorite meals is the Red Lion Gehacktes Steak, ground beef patties topped with gravy and served with sweet red cabbage and smooth mashed potatoes.

The Montalban Nike Soccer HQ, Los Angeles

Ready to visit the cinema? Not a bar or a restaurant, the Montalban Theater in L.A. has been turned into Nike’s LA Soccer headquarters just in time for the World Cup. This cozy theater will be showing many live games during the World Cup – in high definition of course! Watch the games and don’t forget to visit the new retail shop upstairs, which carries everything from soccer apparel to memorabilia.

The Village Idiot, Los Angeles

A gastropub located in a trendy L.A. neighborhood on Melrose, the Village Idiot is a great place for soccer fans to enjoy the World Cup and chow down some comfort foods. This casual spot is usually frequented by a young crowd and is the perfect spot for a guy’s night out, couples, and singles. The restaurant promises to serve Brunch every day of the tournament, perfect for those early morning games. But late nights are also welcome here; the bar is open till 2am.
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