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Touristic Frauds Abroad

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Holidaying abroad means you must be extra vigilant about your money, credit cards and other personal effects. Some of the most popular thefts in tourist destinations are of credit cards and money.

Credit card frauds – remember, your credit card is not the only convenient way to pay when travelling abroad. One of the most popular means of obtaining access to your accounts is through a special device that reads data from your card and saves its number and pin code. This can happen at restaurants, cheap resorts, etc. Avoid using your card at small shops and restaurants.

Superimposed keyboards – are attached to ATMs, so that the crooks have your PIN number and will probably steal your card next.

Conversion calculators – currency exchange points show ‘convenient’ currency conversion calculators which show the wrong amount, less than it should be. The exchange operator also uses the same device. Always use the calculator on your mobile phone to double check if the conversion is correct.

If you really must use an ATM, use those located inside bank offices and hotels. Their administrations detest scandals and these terminals are generally guarded round the clock. Before travelling overseas, activate the SMS-informing service that your bank offers. This service sends all information regarding any operation with your credit card, all delivered via an SMS to your mobile phone. This will also enable you to block your card at any time in case it gets stolen. Make sure you keep telephone numbers of bank emergency departments saved on your phone and in a separate note book as well.

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