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Trekking about in Cape Town

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Going for a trek is always an invigorating experience and it allows you to take in the surroundings at your pace. Trekking or hiking in the Cape Town region can be an unforgettable experience due to its beauty and wildlife. But before you decide to rove the countryside you should take some precautions to stay safe.

1. Dehydration is a killer. Remember to take plenty of water with you.

2. Treks have a way of stretching out, so you may lose track of time. Take some energy bars or snacks that will keep you going.

3. Strong, thick boots are essential as you are walking in snake and scorpion country. Thick socks are also advisable accessories.

4. Although shorts might be tempting at times, trousers are more advisable in this location.

5. A waterproof jacket to keep you nice and dry in case of sudden showers.

6. Carry a torch with you if you leave in the afternoon. Nightfall can be sudden and can leave you disoriented.

7. Carrying a first aid kit is never a bad thing. If you don’t know how to use any of the medicines that are contained within it, consult a doctor on
their use.

8. Wear a hat and sunblock. Prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun can cause problems, so it is better to have some protection.

9. Get a route map that will initially help you plan out where you are going and will guide you during your hike. This can be purchased locally or even downloaded from the internet.

10. Finally, make sure you cellphone is charged, has credit and has numbers of the local emergency services saved in the phonebook.

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