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Two of the top kayaking destinations in the US

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Kayaking is the perfect pastime for outdoor lovers and action fans. Hitting the open water in your kayak is relaxing and invigorating, all at the same time. It is the one sport where you face gigantic rocks, jarring torrents one moment and taking in the serene peace of nature in the next. The popularity of kayaking is growing, with almost 200,000 new participants every year. Whether you want a peaceful afternoon or want to go kayaking with killer whales, here are a couple of the best destinations for kayakers in the US:

The Colorado River

The legendary Colorado River is famous for its rapids that wind through three states. There is amazing scenery for all 290+ miles of the river, so it’s perfect for the action fans that enjoy taking in nature at the same time. Even better, points through Arizona and Utah there is ample opportunity to go fishing.

San Juan

Another serene and beautiful route through the evergreen coastlines of the Pacific Northwest. There are snow-capped mountains in every direction you look. According to Crystal Seas, you may witness the magnificent breach of an orca, listen to the graceful blows of foraging porpoise passing and even see a Bald Eagle.

There are many more amazing Kayaking locations like the Arkansas River, Devils River, Chesapeake Bay and the Eleven Point National Scenic River. However, out of all of them, San Juan and the Colorado River are considered two of the very best.