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New luxury underwater hotels are popping up everywhere. From ordinary to bizarre, these hotels are just something else and are a ‘must-visit’ for every avid traveler.

Top on the list of underwater hotels is the Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida, USA. Named after the famous maritime tale, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, it is the first underwater hotel in the world. Located at a depth of 21ft in a small mangrove lagoon, the hotel was previously a research laboratory. Equipped with all the necessary facilities, it will cost you from $375 a night including breakfast and lunch.

Built by a man with an imagination, The Utter (Otter) Inn in Sweden is a one-room inn. Guests can sleep 3m below the surface of Lake Mälaren, found around 1km from the shore. Resembling a large buoy, the inn takes resembles a Swedish red house with white gables. Costing around $250, the Inn is difficult to book during summer so place your reservations well in advance.

The Crescent Hydropolis of Dubai, built with a budget $550 million, is under construction on the Persian Gulf floor, 66ft below the surface and will cover an area of 27 acres.

The Poseidon of Fiji is set to open in late 2009 and is located 40ft underwater. The brainchild of American submarine engineer Bruce Junes, the hotel will provide each guest with a personal Triton submarine for their own use during their stay. Though still under construction, the room rate for a standard suite is around $1500 a night, while the entire island will cost you $3,000,000.

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