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Variety of delicious teas available at Angelina tearoom

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Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

Everyone knows that British are famous for their love of tea, but you can have the same experience in France. When you travel to Paris, make sure that you visit the well-renowned Angelina Tearoom, which offers the variety of delicious teas.

The Angelina Tearoom offer excellent brews of the typical options like Earl Grey and Darjeeling, however, they are best known for their exclusive flavors, as they are considered to be the best tea in the world.

The most popular tea at Angelina is the Thé Mont-Blanc. It is inspired by their signature Mont Blanc pastry. It is a chestnut-flavored beverage, made of black tea. It has sweet and nutty taste that is produced from candied chestnut, maple syrup, and toffee caramel. The light, fruity scents of papaya, apple, candied apricot, and orange blossom are added to make the drink unique and delightful.

Another excellent choice is the Thé Mélange Angelina which is made of Oolong. The Oolong is enhanced by the exotic fruit flavors of apricot and mango. It also has hints of sweet orange and pineapple, which makes it a relaxing tea. Floral notes from marigold and safflower turn this tea into Angelina Tearoom’s bestselling brews.

Angelina Tea House also offers incredible herbal infusions like the Lime Blossom and Mint and the Honey, Ginger, Lemon, and Orange. You can enjoy these herbal infusions along with a selection of canapés and mini pastries. There is no doubt that after having just one cup of tea, your tea-drinking experience will become a memorable one.