Care for Your Boat Cushions with These Tips

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As every sailor knows, mildew is a constant struggle when you've got fabric on your boat. Mildew, which is really just mold in fabric, occurs when there is a damp, dark, and musty area for it to grow. To help prevent mildew growth, you should always dry and store your boat cushions when they are not in use. In addition to proper storage, you can use these tips to help clean and care for your cushions to extend their lifespan. The dryfast foam used in marine seating is designed to minimize how damp the cushion will get, and it is antimicrobial by nature to further reduce the chance of any growth. However, if mildew does set in your cushion, you have two options. Attempt to clean it well enough to…
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A Look into the Strong Demand for Cayman Real Estate

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With a solid property market, purchasing property on the Cayman Islands is a smart choice. The Cayman Islands is one of the most regulated offshore financial centers in the world due to the favorable taxation laws along with the leniency in real estate taxes – none on capital gains, income, or profits for foreign investors. From a tax perspective, this makes the Cayman Islands appealing for real estate investors. A Revamped Property Market Following the global economic recession, the Cayman Islands have experienced sudden a resurgence in the real estate market, bringing in a plethora of investors looking into Cayman Islands residential rentals. The strong demand for vacation homes along with flourishing transaction sales has led to believe that buyers have returned to this property market to pick up where…
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Three Unusual and Provocative Shopping Hot Spots in Hong Kong

By Phin Upham Hong Kong has many sights to behold, but spending a day or two shopping is actually worth the effort. There are big brand retailers situated all over the city, but those looking for a unique experience can find one almost anywhere they look. Here are three of our favorites. Ngong Ping 360 China declared in 2000 that it wanted to build a new tourism project, with gondolas leading to leading tourist destinations in the Hong Kong area. After a feasibility study, Ngong Ping was conceived. One first takes a gondola up to the home of the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha. There, one can find an incredible retail and entertainment complex nestled in the hills. Tung Choi Street Known as part of Hong Kong’s…
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