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A Basic Guide to Prepping Your RV Before a Road Trip

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Summary: Prepping your RV before taking it out for a spin can save you time, money, and an immeasurable headache.

If you’re planning to take your RV out for a ride with the family, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to get it ready for the road. Proper RV preparation is the key to keeping you and your family safe from any malfunction or break down. Here are some essential tips to help get your RV travel-ready.

Inspect the Exterior

Checking the roof and walls for cracked sealant is a proactive way of preventing any water from seeping in. A simple leak in the roof can cause expensive damage to your RV that you’ll likely have to address immediately if you want to avoid any further damage.

Check the Tires

Each tire needs to be checked to ensure that it’s properly inflated, doesn’t have cracks or leaks, and is in overall good condition. It’s always better to find out whether your tires need to be replaced before traveling to avoid having to pull over multiple times on the road.

Clear the Interior of Any Broken Items

Whether it’s the built-in kitchen or the sofa, everything should be in working and good condition. You never know what could be secretly hiding under that chair of yours. For instance, if you have a diner-like seat that fits four, you could potentially find that the springs have collapsed making it hazardous to sit on. Obviously, if you neglected it, then you’d likely find out the hard way.

Check and Prep the Battery

Take a quick look at the battery and make sure no cracks are present. If there are any, it’s a sign that you need to replace the battery ASAP. If there aren’t, disconnect the battery and clean all the connections with a corrosion-resistant cleaner. Also, double-check the fluid levels, let the battery fully charge, then reconnect everything to where it was before.

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