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Explore Virginia Mountains and Beaches

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Written by the The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

The state of Virginia presents visitors with wonderful possibilities of mountain hiking is the region consists mainly of heavy forests and mountainous landscapes. The Virginia landscape is primarily dominated by the Appalachian which are mountains that extend in the western direction and covers Virginia’s western border neighbouring Kentucky, part of Maryland’s northern border and West Virginia. Another well-known mountain range in this state are the Blue Ridge Mountains. These stretch towards the south and pass through North Carolina and the Allegheny that reach north to Pennsylvania. Mt. Rogers is the tallest mountain that you would have the possibility of seeing in the region. It is found southwest and has a height of over 5,700 ft.

Virginia Beach is the biggest city in the State of Virginia. This city hosts over millions of tourists every year coming for vacations. The city provides a wonderful blend of restaurants, zoos, great historical places and aquariums. However, the one thing that should not be missed is the beach of the South Atlantic. This beach is breathtakingly beautiful and offer great water activities. The city is also home for several nightlife and regular music events. Otherwise, the city has also been mentioned as one of the safest places to live in the USA with the low crime rate.

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