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Five Must-See Historic Sites In Jordan

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Summary: With a wealth of wonders to visit in Jordan, there are a handful of ancient sites that cannot be missed.

As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Jordan is home to ancient cultures, architectures, and art that have stood the test of time. It could take months to explore eveary nook and cranny of this grand country, but for those with limited time and budget there are five major spots to visit on your trip to Jordan.


The most famous site in Jordan, this historic city hosts rock-cut temples, citadels, and treasuries. Here you’ll discover the Arabian Nabataean civilization as well as visit highlights of Hollywood blockbusters like Indian Jones.

Wadi Rum

From Petra you can easily travel onward to Wadi Rum, a limestone rich desert that will entreat you to learn more about the Nabataean people as well as ancient petroglyphs carved directly into the earth.

Ajloun Castle

This mighty fortress had stood since before the Crusades and offers a glimpse into the many armies struggled for control over the region.

Shobak Castle

Another imposing castle, Shobak stands tall in the distance and echoes of ancients battles when you walk its sand-laced streets. Enjoy a deeper look at the history of the Crusades as well as a look at local culture.


This list would not be complete without the famous city of Jerash where you’ll encounter Jordan’s cultural heritage through Greco-Roman architecture and ruins that stand beside sacred Muslim Mosques.

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