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Grounding of Dreamliner inconvenience travel plans for many

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The 50 or so Dreamliner aircrafts that went into operation starting in the fall of 2011 have been grounded recently by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pending an investigation into recent problems of cabin fires mainly due to its new lithium-ion battery failures in the past few weeks. Boeing elected to use lithium-ion batteries due to its energy hold capacity and quick recharge capability. Two of All Nippon Airways planes caught fire initiating concern over the plane’s electrical system. Industry experts says that problems with new airplanes nothing new to the industry. Each of the 787 Dreamliner cost about $200 million.

The much delayed roll out of Boeing 787 Dreamliner was expected to revolutionize the air travel providing travel comfort due to its new interior design, fuel efficiency using 20 percent less fuel than conventional aircrafts, and light weight due to its carbon-fiber body. Founded in 1916 by William Being, the company’s new plane is a result of many dreams that were abandoned due to cost and other factors. Critics blame the FAA for over reacting to the issue. However, travelers hope that Boeing will address current issues quickly and the Dreamliner will continue to revolutionize the air travel for years to come.