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Guarding your identity while travelling

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Knowingly or unknowingly you carry lots of important personal information with you when you travel. When you travel abroad, it becomes more important to take several measures to protect your identity from hackers and others. Here are some tips to guard your important information.

  • Do not use Wi-Fi offered at public places. Wi-Fi hot spots are frequented by hackers and others who are looking for pray. It is easy for them to steal information from mobile devices. Carrying a portable router that can create your own Wi-Fi hot spot when you need it may be a safer alternative.
  • Lock up important documents at your hotel. Receipts from stores, restaurants and others carry some of your personal information. Lock them up at the hotel or if you have to carry them make sure to protect them.
  • Protect your devices with passwords and other methods. Software is available to lock your smartphone and other devices if you lost them. They will also help you and law enforcement to locate them if lost or stolen. These facilities may not be available everywhere, so check with your service provider.
  • Check your accounts immediately after your return from a trip. Keep checking for few days until all expenses are recorded by credit card companies and others.