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How to avoid an embarrassing spa experience overseas

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When you travel, it’s important to understand different cultures and traditions to avoid being embarrassed when you visit a new country. The same principle applies for when you visit a spa overseas. Here are some tips to help you avoid any embarrassing spa experiences abroad.

Be quiet (Finland) – If you visit Finland and want to try a Finnish sauna, remember to be quiet. The Finnish believe that it is extremely rude to speak in a Finnish sauna. The only appropriate topics to discuss are sauna customs and the heat. Full nudity is also the norm as swimsuits are considered unhygienic and uncomfortable. However, most public saunas are separated by gender while families and friends share private saunas.

Be on time (Germany) – Lateness in Germany is not tolerated. Spa schedules follow a strict timetable, and therefore clients who visit the spa late for scheduled appointments will be rejected. Garden Retreat Spa recommends arriving at your spa at least fifteen minutes before your appointment. Most nude spaces include the use of towels but do not allow flip-flops inside.

Cover your tattoos and keep your towel dry (Japan) – Tattoos in Japan are associated with the Japanese mafia, which means that you should cover your tattoos to avoid stares. Japanese also don’t like their towels getting wet. Therefore most people place their towels on top of their heads or if you have long hair, tie your towel like a turban to keep it in place. Remember that your local Asian massage parlor NYC’s customs might be quite different, but when you are in a different country, it is best to follow their rules and customs.