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How to get a better night’s sleep on your boat

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white bedroom motor yacht, close up

Getting a good night’s sleep on a boat is even more important than when you are at home. Out at sea, or on holiday, a restful night can make all the difference. Unfortunately, most boat’s come with a boat mattress and cushions that lack any semblance of comfort, which all but disappears given enough time. However, which just four simple changes, you can significantly increase comfort levels.


The first step is to change the boat mattress. The dimensions will not be a standard size, so measure the platform and order something slightly bigger to account for the odd dimensions. According to The Foam Factory, all you need to install a foam mattress yourself is a sharp carving/serrated knife or electric knife, a permanent marker, a tape measure, a straight edge, and spray adhesive if you will need to glue any foam pieces together.

Alternatively, you can keep the existing mattress and add a memory foam topper, which will also increase the height of the mattress. You get additional comfort, more height, at less cost.

Mattress cover

Out at sea, or even at the marina, a boat can develop leaks. It is essential that the mattress has some form of protection. A mattress protector will greatly increase the lifetime of a mattress.


Do you enjoy the pillows at home? Then do yourself a favor and get the same pillows for your boat. Very few people realize how much of a difference good pillows make to a night’s sleep. Just like the mattress, protect your pillows from leaks, mildew, and other moisture issues by using a pillow protector.