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Massages: Should You Get One Before, During or After a Trip?

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Summary: Massage therapy can turn your trip into a rejuvenating one.

If you’ve ever traveled to anywhere in the world at least once via plane, then you understand the rigors and rush of the entire process. Whether you’re traveling for business or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, there’s always an immense amount of planning that’s involved before, during, and after the trip. One way to counter these physically and mentally exhausting errands is by getting a massage.

Sitting on a plane for an extended period of time – and this isn’t even counting the potential hours that you’re spending waiting to board – can take on your body physically. You’ll start to feel it on your shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Getting a massage prior to your trip, which may sound backwards to you, can ease the muscles, loosen tension, and increase circulation, making the trip a bit easier to manage – so be sure to book a session at that local Korean spa in NYC you’ve been going to every month.

There’s no doubt that massage therapy provides significant relief to the body. It reduces stress levels, relaxes the body, and relieves the built-up tension of every physical activity that you’ve been doing thus far. Furthermore, massage therapy also releases endorphins that calm the peripheral nervous system down, essentially reducing the amounts of stress that you’re going through during the planning stage.

Alleviating Sickness During Travel

Going to a new state or country, you’ll often find yourself feeling a bit under the weather and run down – due to your agenda or just the quality of air that you’re around. It’s much easier to catch a cold or virus when you’re in a small area that’s littered with people, eating a different type of food that you’re not accustomed to, and sleeping on an altered schedule.

Sure, washing your hands and carrying around a small bottle of sanitizer might help, but it’s no guarantee that it’ll protect you from your surroundings. Massage therapists have claimed that getting a massage is proven to relieve toxins from the body at a faster rate than what your normal bodily capacity can accomplish. Whether or not this claim carries weight is up to you. Whatever the case may be, it never hurts to actually try and get a massage during your trip – if it’s a vacation, then shouldn’t you be enjoying it instead of being regretful?


After a trip, a massage can help relieve all the tightness and knots that didn’t exist until you started working your way around the country. More often than not, traveling will include walking, sightseeing, walking to meetings, etc. which tends to result in strained muscles and knots all over the body. This can ultimately affect your sleep and add another detrimental layer on top of that jet lag that you’re already experiencing. So, after coming home from that long trip, check out a massage establishment like Garden Retreat Spa or any other seasoned spa to help ease that nagging pain.