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Top Three Cities to Visit for the Best Food

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Summary: These cities have it all; the culture, landmarks, and most importantly, the food.

Looking to travel and find the best food in the world? Here are three of the finest cities to visit if you’re looking to get your culinary fix in. Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC, a premium car rental company, can supply you with the car rental to get around and dine in style.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The multifaceted heritage of Louisiana boasts a unique culinary cuisine that’s actually world famous. Taking flavors from Native Americans, African Americans, French settles, Southern American culture, Creole, and the Caribbean, this melting pot of a city is known for their traditional recipes like Po-boys, oysters, catfish, soft shell crab, and roast beef with gravy. There’s much to love about Louisiana which makes it perfect for this list.

Lyon, France

Lyon is internationally recognized as one of the best cities for food. With a mixture of simplicity and rich food choices, their cuisine is nothing short of delicious and beautiful at the same time. From bouchons, which are family-run bistros, to the high end restaurants, Lyon definitely offers a versatile cuisine.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo mixes generation-old techniques with modern styles to form a barrage of world-class dishes. With over 220 Michelin-starred restaurants, which is actually more than any city in the world, Tokyo relishes in the fact that it can serve food – and some pretty damn good food too.

The Bottom Line

With so many delicious cities to visit from around the world, this is just a sample size of what’s out there. You can travel to Queen Alia International Airport for a car rental and try out Abu Dhabi’s unique cuisine, or visit the Caribbean Islands for an exotic twist on delicacies.