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You Can’t Beat Bear Watching

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There are only so many types of vacations you can take. Especially if you stick in North America, your options are mainly limited. That’s probably why so many people just take the easy way out and go visit a theme park or see our nation’s capital. It’s a comfortable choice and you can just follow everyone else’s footsteps.

But that’s also so predictable and boring, especially when you consider all the adventures you can have when you go Alaska sightseeing. This country’s biggest state will not disappoint for those looking to take in an eyeful of something spectacular.

One great example is Alaska bear viewing. Until you’ve seen an Alaskan grizzly bear it can be hard to appreciate what North America’s largest land mammal really looks like up close. They’re huge! But don’t worry; the professionals in charge of your visit will make sure you never get too close so you have nothing to fear.

Still, you’ll log plenty of time observing them in their natural habitats and seeing them interact with one another. Depending on when you visit, you might even get to say hi to one of their cubs!

When it’s time for your next vacation, choose something on the wild side.

When you decide to take a vacation that involves something different, you need to check out Breakaway Adventure. They don’t do normal trips; you’ll get to go see the giant glaciers or take a trip to the Anan Bear Observatory and see North America’s biggest land mammals up close and personal.