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Famous Eco Tourism Destinations

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Eco-tourism is definitely the “in thing” right now and I hope many years into the future. For those who do not know what eco-tourism is, it is visiting places where the environment is one of the main concerns. In other words, we concentrate on things that will help save or protect our environment.

Japan is one of the top eco-tourism destinations because they have many eco-friendly activities. They have hot springs, abundant hiking trails, also water activities, such as snorkeling and diving. Japan also believes in public transportation which means you can leave the driving and gas problems behind.

Palau is another unspoiled island. The water is clear and unspoiled, the beaches are beautiful and clean and Palau wants to keep it that way

Costa Rica has long been known for its natural unspoiled beauty. Although Costa Rica is getting more visitors every year, it still manages to be one of the most “green” areas. They take pride in their beaches, parks and wildlife refuges. A majority of their hotels are eco-friendly also.

Norway is another eco-tourism spot. With Norway’s snowcapped mountains, magnificent fjords, beautiful waterfalls and sparking waters, Norway is a beautiful sight indeed. There is also an abundance of wildlife.

There are reasons why these places are so eco-friendly; these things do not happen by themselves. It takes the support of the residents and also cooperation from the people that come to visit. We all have to be much more aware of our environment and prepare for the future now.

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