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Fare war means big savings for airline travelers

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The recent downturn in airline traffic is a boon for frequent travelers, as airlines have slashed prices. Finding an airline travel deal has never been easier, as the major domestic airlines have dropped their rates by an average of 9.1 percent in the first quarter of 2009 alone. Airlines began cutting capacity as a result of the reduction in travelers during the global recession, but a recent reduction in fuel costs have allowed them to also reduce fares.

Almost every major domestic carrier has drastic reduced costs on airline tickets. Specials started appearing after Southwest Airlines cut rates on some of the most popular short flights to as low as $29 each way. The cheapest airfares of the major 100 cities can be found in Long Beach and Oakland, while Huntsville, Ala. and Cincinnati had the most expensive flights. (Cincinnati also had the biggest price reduction of any airport, with fares going down 17 percent in the last quarter.)

In addition, travelers might also find a great vacation package special as airlines are partnering with hotels to provide cheap oackages.

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