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Hotels Retool In-Room Dining

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Room service, or in-room dining as it is now often called, is being retooled at many hotels as a way to cut costs while struggling with lessened demand for rooms and decreased travel. In-room dining has never been profitable for hotels, even prior to the recession, but has always been de rigueur for hotels of a certain stature, Joseph McInerney, president and chief executive of American Hotel and Lodging Association, told The New York Times. Brad Barnes, founder of restaurant consulting firm GigaChef, added that the service enhances the welcoming feel of a hotel, which in turn bolsters customer loyalty and the overall perception of the establishment.

So how do hotels trim their in-room dining offerings without axing the service altogether? According to the Times, some are focusing more on comfort foods and staples of the traveler’s diet such as sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers. Others are using cheaper cuts of meat and shrinking portion sizes, which allows them to drop their prices as well. Still others have resorted to preparing food in advance and using locally grown foods.

We ask our readers, how often do you use in-room dining? Have you noticed any difference in in-room dining on your travels?

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