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Managing Kids With Travel Sickness

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Car trips can be a challenge for parents managing kids with travel sickness. Fortunately, taking certain precautions can reduce the risk of nausea. There are also several ways to deal with carsickness if it occurs.

For children who are at least two years old, giving a dose of Dramamine or Benadryl 1 ½ hours prior to travel can help prevent nausea. Kids prone to carsickness should be seated in the middle of the backseat so that they are looking directly out the front windshield rather than the side windows.

Placing a cool washcloth on the forehead when a child complains of feeling queasy can sometimes ease nausea. Opening the windows to let fresh air in can also help the stomach settle. Holding an icepack on the back of the neck for about ten minutes can often stop carsickness from happening.

Foods and beverages containing ginger, such as ginger snap cookies and ginger ale, can help settle an upset stomach. Peppermints, saltine crackers, and lollipops are also good food choices for a child experiencing carsickness. If nausea occurs, drinking plenty of water is important in order to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Supplies such as packs of wet wipes and large, covered containers should be brought on the trip. In case the child gets sick, the containers can be used, sealed, and emptied at the nearest rest stop. Fabreeze can help freshen the air and remove unpleasant odors from the car. A change of clothes is also essential in case outfits are soiled.

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