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Six Key Items To Make Backpacking Safe And Enjoyable

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There are no drugstores or grocery stores in the wilderness! A backpacking trip, no matter how long the duration, will definitely be more enjoyable if you remember to pack several essential items.

(1) A first aid kit is a necessity for every backpacking trip. Include antiseptic cream, hand sanitizer, bandages, itch cream for poison ivy, scissors and pain relievers.

(2) Water and beverages that restore electrolytes to your body are another backpacking essential to keep your body well hydrated while hiking. Nutrient and energy-dense foods that won’t spoil, such as dried fruits and nuts, trail mix, granola bars, and energy bars. Include a small bottle of iodine tablets to purify lake or stream water. If you are doing any camp cooking, be sure to include matches or a lighter among your food supplies.

(3) Since footpower is your main means of transportation while backpacking, foot care items are another essential. Moleskin and cushioning pads for blisters, along with foot powder and dry socks to refresh your feet should be included.

(4) Foul weather gear should be suited to the time of year you are backpacking. Sunblock, insect repellant, a rain poncho and a sun visor are good ideas.

( 5) Don’t forget a reliable map and compass and learn how to use them before departing for your trip. Leave an itinerary of your backpacking route with a friend or relative.

(6) Proper shelter could mean the difference between hypothermia and a safe, sound sleep. Pack a tent, tarp or sleeping bag to offer warm shelter from the elements while napping or sleeping.

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