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The most exotic trips in the world

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Listed here are some of the most unusual and exotic places you could visit on the planet, and interestingly, not all of them are of the ‘expensive’ category.

€94,500 – this is what it will cost you per night on the 120m room of the Alysia yacht. Enjoy a panoramic view of the window and your own exclusive deck.

€35,000 – a 1-night stay at Dubai’s 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel, the most expensive in the world. The apartment, a two-storied suite is housed in the 1,050ft tall hotel located on a man-made island 280m from shore. The hotel also boasts its own Rolls Royce fleet, Versace bedspreads, and private shopper and helicopter landing platform.

€30,000 – dive to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine to the depth of 3,800m where the remains of the famous ‘Titanic’ rest.

€10,000 – travel to India for a one-week tour which culminates with an attendance at a typical Bollywood wedding, all complete with traditional Indian wedding costumes.

€9,000 – a five-day trip to Paris, visit the Sistine Chapel and rent one of the famous Versailles rooms.

€5,000 – vist Oymyakon, the coldest place on Earth for a fortnight. Here, the temperature reaches minus 68 grad celsius.

€3,000 – Spend a night in a house at the Berlin zoo near the hippopotamus enclosure. This includes hippo watching and a delicious gourmand meal.

€2,500 – visit Stockholm for two days and attend the Nobel award dinner. Tradition calls for the presence of the Royal family.

€650 – try out a 7-day course of elephant driving in Thailand, and learn special ‘elephant’ commands.

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