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Things to Do and See in New Orleans

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New Orleans is the biggest city in Louisiana, and is also one of the most visited cities of the state. New Orleans is well known to tourists for having great food and music, muggy and hot weather, and for its unique history and culture. After the devastation left by the Hurricane Katrina last 2005, New Orleans still remains one of the top tourist hot-spots of all time.

Some of the sights that you cannot miss when visiting New Orleans include their historic architecture, which showcases the Victorian mansions as well as their city-wide structures, and a hint of French and Spanish architectures as well. You can also visit the historic cemeteries of the city, which are located mostly uptown. You can also go to the Superdome located in New Orleans’ CBD. There is also the Audubon Zoo located uptown, where you and your family can enjoy looking at wild animals. In the butterfly park of the zoo, you get to see the majestic Mississippi River. This river can also be seen when you are on the French Quarter.

To lift up your spirits, you can also go to the city’s prided church, the St. Louis Cathedral.Aside from visiting historical places in New Orleans, you can also do some memorable activities in the city like having street car rides, going to riverboat cruises, river ferries (for budget conscious tourists), walking and bicycling tours, casino gambling (if you are feeling lucky), antique shopping, learning from cooking classes, carriages rides, and finally, celebrate the Mardi Gras.

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