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What to See And Do In Dubai

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Dubai is a place of many different cultures, which makes it a truly cosmopolitan city. It is also very compact, and visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities and see various sights quickly and easily. For example, they can experience a desert safari, visit old Dubai (Bastakiya) and become acquainted with modern Dubai and marvel at the contrast. Some of its main archeological sites in Jumeirah, Al Ghusais, and Al Sufooh are more than 2,000 years old. The mosque in Jumeirah, with its majestic dome and two minarets, is also a prime example of modern Islamic architecture. Even its golf courses are models of successful desert landscaping and greening, and the clubhouse architecture is spectacular.

The various Souks in the city are the most interesting places for sight-seeing and shopping. Visitors can buy traditional wedding gifts, fine jewelry at bargain prices, and an array of fresh seafood. At the Dubai Museum, colorful dioramas with special sound effects and life-sized figures present a compelling picture of what life there was like long ago. In its traditional heritage village, weavers and potters display their craft in homage to the past.

As part of 21st century Dubai, Wonderland—a favorite with children and adults alike—is a water theme park that can accommodate 8,000 visitors at once. Al Boom Tourist Village is an impressive city landmark that includes a marina and an ornamental lake, is expanding rapidly with new features to attract locals and visitors alike, including a five-star hotel and full-service guest chalets.

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