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While on Vacation, Tweet with Caution

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Article written by Gear Up 4 Nature

Most of us know what precautions to take before going on a long vacation. We ask a neighbor to collect the mail and watch the house; maybe we even leave on a light or two so as to give the appearance of being home and not tip off burglars to our absence. But when it comes to the newer world of social media, most of us would think nothing of sharing the news of an extended trip. Why, we’d just as soon tweet that we were spending a week in the Bahamas as we’d tweet the news of discount airline ticket sales.

But as one Mesa, Arizona couple found out recently, the tendency to overshare on Twitter can have serious ramifications. The Dallas Morning News reported that the couple tweeted the details of their recent trip, including when they were leaving, and their home was subsequently burglarized while they were gone. While they have no hard evidence that their Twitter account provided clues that the burglar used to time the incident, the nature of the stolen items has led them to believe it was someone who became interested in nabbing the husband’s video equipment after following his Twitter account designed to promote his video production business.

Bottom line: while on vacation, tweet with caution. By all means, tweet a link to discount vacation package deals you found while planning your own vacation. But when it comes to tweeting departures and arrivals, think before you tweet.

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